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Our Values


To develop and to implement information systems and technological solutions aiming at increasing the Efficiency, sustaining Excellence and stimulating and improving our clients Competitiveness.



To be recognized as a reference in Excellence solutions that are technological Innovative, working as high Efficiency levels promoter and with distinguishing features regarding specialization and knowledge of the Textile, Garment, Footwear and Distribution sectors business.







INFOS, S.A. Policy

To consistently comply with the management system requirements, thus continuously improving its efficiency.

To build expertise and to improve advanced skills in selected activity sectors, in order to enable the creation of management solutions that are:

- Technology advanced

- Supported by specialized services

- Sustained by appropriate methodologies 

To keep developing skills that meet the ever increasing expectations and needs of the clients and that make INFOS, S.A. a reference in the market.

To provide its collaborators conditions leading to their personal accomplishment, by promoting their engagement, development and involvement with INFOS, S.A.

To ensure INFOS, S.A. success in the long term, basing its performance on a careful costs control and investments promotion management, thus assuring its ongoing technological evolution. 

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